Greetings !

United Kingdom
Hi welcome. I'm a freelance Animator based in London, but happy to travel to work on exciting projects where ever they may arise. I have experience in games and features. I enjoy working in a cartoony style as well as with more realistic characters and creatures. My latest feature animation role was at Tidal Films in Galway Ireland. Niko 2 Was the project. Full of Reindeers and eagles. So a nice blend of all the things I like to animate. Animals which need to move convincingly with an additional acting performances on top. Definitely the most fun I've had at work so far. Even when it gets frustratingly difficult the final result makes it all well worth while.

New Reel

Here is my latest reel...

Niko: The flight before Christmas.

Here is a trailer from Niko 2: Little Brother Big Trouble. Which was completed Christmas 2012. It's the sequel to Niko: The flight before Christmas. Which was released in 2008. Both movies are are fairly well known in Europe. Neither have had a UK release though which is a shame.If you do get a chance to see either of them they are well worth watching as they have some great animated moments. Good luck finding a copy though :D

Need for Speed : Hot Pursuit

This is the some of the work I did for the cinematics dept at Criterion Games. Need For Speed Most Wanted! Another 2012 Christmas release, Really fun project. Nice mix of high speed tight action chase footage and surreal abstract event Intros.
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